Milton Abbot Players

2006 - Out of Order

by Ray Cooney

Out of Order

Directed by Eileen Taylor

Conservative Government MP, Richard Willey, is attempting to have an affair with one of the secretaries of the leader of the Opposition in a top London hotel. However, with a conniving waiter, a suspicious hotel manager, an alert private detective, an angry wife, a furious husband, a bungling secretary, and unconscious nurse and a dead body, nothing is going to go as planned.


Richard Willey MP - Michael Taylor

The Manager - Alan Stone

The Waiter - Keith Rattray

Kate Lyne - Caroline Barclay

A Body - Jonathan Watson

George Pigden - Robin Clowes

The Maid - Wendy Rattray

Ronnie Worthington - Tim Randell

Pamela Willey - Valerie Taylor

Nurse Gladys Foster - Julie Gale