Milton Abbot Players

1966 - The Happiest Days of Your Life

by John Dighton


Directed by Reginald Jones


Dick Tassell (Assistant Master at Hilary Hall) - Michael Taylor

Rainbow (School Porter) - Reginald Brown

Rupert Billings (Senior Assistant Master at Hilary Hall) - John Spurr

Godfrey Pond (Headmaster of Hilary Hall) - George Neale

Miss Evelyn Whitchurch (Principal of St Swithins School for Girls) - Mary Whitechurch

Miss Gossage (Senior Assistant Mistress of St Swithins) - Pat Hillson

Hopcroft Mi (Pupil at Hilary Hall - Graham Freeman

Barbara Cahoun (Pupil at St Swithins) - Dawn Masters

Joyce Harper (Assistant Mistress at St Swithins) - Sandra Mutton

The Rev Edward Peck - Roger Eggins

Mrs Peck (his wife) - Jill Eggins

Edgar Sowter - Percy Masters

Mrs Sowter (his wife) - Mary Fallon