Milton Abbot Players

2019 - Funny Money

by Ray Cooney

Rehearsals underway for our 70th Anniversary ProductionCurtain callHenry and Jean Perkins at home in 42 Elgar Avenue
That's a pair madamJean, you shouldn't have told them!Mr Perkins, Where do you keep your cups and ...?  She's caught the three of us at it now!
Betty: I'd go like a shot!  Vic: There is something wrong with my hearing!You get off in Barcelona, BettySlater: I don't want to be relieved.  Henry: Well that's a relief!
Brerfcurse! Hayf mare mayn helt! Half mare mayn helt!Let's give it to him JeanWe're all going to sunny Spain!
Milton Abbot Players

Rehearsals underway for our 70th Anniversary Production


Performance Dates: Wed 13th - Sat 16th November, Curtain Up 7.45pm

Directed by Eileen Taylor

Henry A Perkins, a mild mannered accountant, accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase on the London Underground on his way home from work at Bodley, Bodley and Crouch and his life changes forever. The briefcase contains a small fortune in used banknotes. Henry grabs the opportunity afforded by this unexpected windfall to exchange his humdrum existence for a glamorous life of luxury on some far-flung costa. He just has to persuade his wife, convince his friends, confuse the constabulary and outwit the mafia to realise his dream. Will he succeed..?


Henry A Perkins - Patrick Medd

Jean Perkins - Elizabeth Field

Betty Johnson - Claudine Sparks

Vic Johnson - Robin Clowes

Bill - Michael Taylor

Detective Sgt Davenport - Frank Woodcock

Detective Sgt Slater - Susan Champion

Passer-by aka Mr Big - Richard Allen